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    Have you tried submitting a ticket by any chance? They just resolved my issue! Oh what a relief on my part!

    For what its worth, I got a response from my ticket about the server problems and said that a screenshot I gave them helped route out that it is a server problem and not flash, that they'll be looking into it.

    Maybe, just maybe, there might be some kind of breakthrough here to at least stabilize Tanoth's servers better.

    Yes, it would be nice for it to be brought back to at least stable maintenance if anything. Events too could pump some much needed blood to keep it on life-support at least.

    Let me guess, Server 2 as well? That seems to be a problem server.

    Welcome to Tanoth, but I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, other than Tanoth is dead. Its so dead, that its not even in its list of products anymore- at least from what I've seen, that is.

    You see, I don't want Tanoth to disappear, I love this game, as do others- but that is also dangerous and irresponsible of the staff.

    If problems can't be solved, low and behold, now we have an account of someone who spent money- which funds them- only to be practically crapped on for not working harder to solve the problems.

    That and letting the game go into such decay also potentially creates security issues as well.

    Ohh that's very bad!! It is really a huge shame, why can't they fix those server bugs??

    I agree with Aleihr, it is a solid game, it has amazing quest backgrounds and you are always seeking the improvements, better items, etc...

    I have even opened a ticket and they told me it will be fixed, but... I don't know...

    Same here , I've submitted one, and the vibe I'm getting is lip-service. They were real responsive at first, said they'd pass it on to higher ups, then another came and just asked me if I've cleaned my cookies.

    If its a specific server and a really weird bug where as all others work flawlessly... chances are it might be more to it than 'clean your computer'. ^_^'

    It does however seem to be PC related, as like others with the problem, I play it on a laptop. I hate revealing these things in public, but for the sake of working out this problem, I will.

    I need a new computer, as its a Vista which is obsolete along with anything under Windows 7.

    I know Steam is going to be closed at the end of the year to Vista users because they are switching to tech incompatible with it.

    Perhaps this might have something to do with the bugs?

    Tanoth is a very good game, its so in-depth yet so simple at the same time.

    I know that the browser game/freemium market isn't easy- hell I know of some very big titles going under such as Zuma Blitz on Facebook, which is a big title by the makers of Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies.

    As well as Ace Combat Infinity for the PS3 (which could be played on the PS4) as well- Ace Combat, folks! Ace-freaking -Combat!

    So I understand that this is a very hard market, but it still breaks my heart for such great work go into so much decay.

    Its a shame they don't seem to care about Tanoth, it is a very solid browser RPG in my opinion. I don't think I would change anything if I had the ability, other than these bugs.

    Server 2 US isn't working correctly either- so maybe its a bit of a universal problem?

    Dare I say... Tanoth took big deuce on us?

    The other servers seem to work for me. I uh, have a character on all 4 US severs... ^_^'

    For those who are curious, they are different classes/specialties and I switch which one I prioritize from week to week.

    I usually only use one to do the most questing, the others I merely send on jobs and train, and that's about it.

    Ah, good to hear.

    Update on my end too- my US World 1 account is working and normally. Sounds like this is primarily a World 2 issue as its the same as last night.

    The Work function works as if my char was lvl 1, they got the Gold and EXP. Most functions but the store and attributes appear to work normally, but lvl 1. I just tried fighting and it worked for the most part... lol My Zasia was a "lvl 1" with high lvl stats.

    So I'm not alone!

    All was fine Sunday night...

    But since Monday morning my oldest and main account on World 1 won't work, it says the same thing as if my char doesn't exist.

    But when I tried re-registering, what do you know, "this player already exists" or something like that.

    Then on World 2, I was having troubles as well, but just forgot my password there. Weird thing is though, when I log in with Zasia, its mostly blank- just the menu all stats and whatnot are blank, gold is 100- the startup amount, and when I took a Job it was back to lvl 1 earnings.

    Worlds 3 and 4 are honky dory though- no problems.