Forum Login

  • Dear community,

    as we continue integrating our services into the Gameforge platform, starting on Monday, 17th of February you will also be able to log in in the forum with the credentials you use for your GAMEFORGE account at

    If you have the same e-mail in your forum account and in your game account, you will be able to use the login data from both accounts to log in in the forum.

    If you use different e-mails in the forum account and in the gameforge account, you will create a multi account by login in from the Gameforge account in the forum so please, have a look at the data you are using before attempting to log in with your game data in the forum.


    your Tanoth Team

  • In case you would like to use the "Gameforge login" option in order to login to the forum, please make sure that you also use the same email in the forum as you do in the Gameforge Client.


    The first time you will login through this option, your forum and Gameforge account will be automatically merged.